Thurston County Jail Services

OHRS operates multiple programs in the Thurston County Jail. 


The Trueblood Program focuses on individuals who are charged with a crime, have been ordered by a court to receive a competency evaluation or restoration services through DSHS; and who have waited in jail for those services.

​If an individual meets criteria for services Trueblood Mental Health Professionals can meet with them for a mental health assessment and make recommendations for next steps.


Individuals may qualify for peer support services with a Trueblood Peer Counselor who can provide services for 90 days after jail release. These peer support sevices could include rental/shelter assistance, connection to behavioral health services, linkage to community resources, and more. 

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Group and Individual Therapy

A Licensed Mental Health Counselor provides both group and individual counseling to individuals incarcerated in the Thurston County Jail.

Whether inmates need extra support, or an outside perspective, talking to a therapist can help. 

Peer Support

A Certified Peer Counselor with lived experience can provide support, understanding, and education on how to make a life change and start working on the path toward recovery. 

Crisis Services

Mental Health Professionals are available 24/7 within the Jail to provide crisis intervention services and support.

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Inmates can send a 'kite' to mental health

requesting services.


 For community inquiries please call: