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Housing and Recovery through Peer Services
(HARPS) Program

Moving In

The HARPS program intends to provide clients with a combination of services aimed at securing permanent supportive housing, primarily for individuals discharging from inpatient psychiatric and substance use disorder facilities.

What services are provided through HARPS?

Based on availability, funding, and resources, enrolled clients may be eligible for these service through the HARPS program:


  • Referrals to mental health and substance use services

  • Peer supportive services

  • Assistance with obtaining and maintaining housing and housing subsidies, medical care, employment, legal services, transportation, etc.

  • Support with money management, improving daily living skills and social skills, etc.

  • Referrals to other services based on individual needs

Am I eligible for HARPS?

Individuals may be eligible who present with:

  • Mental health challenges

  • Substance use challenges

  • Co-occurring (mental health and substance use) disorders

  • Are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless

How am I referred to HARPS?

Individuals referred from these facilities shall be considered as priority status for HARPS services:

  • Psychiatric inpatient

  • Substance use disorder residential

Referrals from other sources are welcome, however access to HARPS services may be limited depending on available resources.

Want more info about HARPS?

For more information about the HARPS Program call (360) 401-9006

Download the HARPS Referral form HERE

(Please note that this form must be signed by a treatment professional

and submitted with supporting documentation)

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