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TruebloodJail Diversion Services

The Trueblood Program focuses on individuals who are charged with a crime, have been ordered by a court to receive a competency evaluation or restoration services through DSHS; and who have waited in jail for those services.

​If an individual meets criteria for services Trueblood Mental Health Professionals can meet with them for a mental health assessment and make recommendations for next steps.

The next step may involve advocating to the courts and obtaining prosecutor approval for release back into the community.


Individuals may qualify for peer support services with a Trueblood Peer Counselor who can provide services for 90 days after jail release. These peer support sevices could include rental/shelter assistance, connection to behavioral health services, linkage to community resources, and more. 

To learn more about the Trueblood Settlement: Click HERE

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Inmates can send a 'kite' tomental health for more information.

Want more info about our diversion programs?

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