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In Custody Services

OHRS operates multiple programs in Thurston and Mason County Jails.

Group and Individual Therapy

A Mental Health Professional provides both group and 1 on 1 support to individuals incarcerated in the Thurston County Jail.


Whether inmates need extra support, or an outside perspective, talking to a therapist can help. Inmates can expect individualized client centered care; creating treatment plans and setting goals while incarcerated. Inmates may also receiver a referral to continue care after their release.

Chemical Dependency Program (CDP)

A Licensed Substance Use Disorder Professional (SUDP) provides both group and individual substance use counseling to individuals incarcerated in the Thurston County Jail addressing treatment concerns, participating in life-skills courses and learning job skills.


The CDP is a 3 phase court ordered program.

Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT)

A Certified Peer Counselor is available to assist individuals in Mason County Jail in working with a health care provider to obtain Medication Assisted Treatment.


MAT is primarily used for the treatment of addiction to opioids such as heroin and prescription pain relievers that contain opiates. 

Inmates can senda 'kite' to mentalhealth requestingservices.

Peer Support

A Certified Peer Counselor with lived experience can provide case management, support, understanding, and education how to make a life change and start working on the path toward recovery. CPCs work to connect clients with resources and services available in the community.

Crisis Services

Mental Health Professionals are available within Thurston and Mason County Jail to provide crisis intervention services and support as  well as solution focused therapy and support, making appropriate referrals when needed.

Reentry Services

Reentry services are available to anyone who is incarcerated with a scheduled release date that is interested in setting and working on goals for after their release.


MCORP  offers assistance creating a discharge plan, identifying resources within the community, hand court ordered release plans, assist getting into housing and going to appointments, and setting up SUDS treatment for up to 90 days after release

Mason County Opioid

Response Program (MCORP)

MCORP supports Mason County Jail inmates by collaborating with legal representatives, courts, probation officers, and others to address incarceration, substance abuse, mental health, and poverty barriers.


Participation is voluntary, and tailored assistance is provided to help individuals achieve self-identified goals.

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